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Hi I have a /24 block that is announced bu BGP. I installed a new hestia server (twice now) and both times when I try to access a website by the IP address that I assigned to it, I get a page not found error, or “your web server is ready” This makes it impossible to test before assigning the name to the ip via DNS. The Hestia panel DNS show @ to the IP address. but any ip address entered directly in a browser, results in 404. Is there a way to fix this. To see what I mean, create a new website and don’t put anything more in the directory than what is automatically created. Not try to access the index.html document by just entering the ip/index.html You will get a 404 error, or a generic page that says that your web server is ready. Thanks

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We don’t allow access the website directly over the ip. We always create the virutualhost and the website is only accessible by the virtual host.

There is currently no easy fix for it except adding an temprory record to you localhost file

So how would I access a site then, before it’s setup in DNS for testing? I’m also not sure how to add the temporary addition to the virtual host.

Edit you host file see

Under the link localhost you add


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Isn’t that going to completely interrupt the server by changing it’s host name.

It needs to be done on your own pc…

When you edit your hosts file you are telling your OS not to perform the DNS resolution for that domain / subdomain and instead use the resolution in the hosts file.

Tried it and it doesn’t help. Takes me right back the the “Your server is ready” screen, or if I point to an html file. a 404 error.

It “should” work. Basic steps are creating a domain in hestia, then add that domain to your hosts file, from then you should be able to ping from your local system and get the ip as reply which you set in your host file.

yes, my fault. I had misspelled the domain name.

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glad you found it on your own!

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