Access Control in HestiaCP - UPGRADE

Hello everyone, good afternoon.

I would like to ask a question, and if this option is not available, I would like to suggest it to the Hestia panel.

Currently, I work developing government websites, and my clients like to have control over managing their email accounts. The problem I face is that I would have to use the Hestia panel, and in it, there are other options besides email, such as:


But my user is very inexperienced and would probably end up messing with things they shouldn’t, haha.

In my Vesta panel, which I have on some servers, I made a customization so that when the user is not an administrator, these options disappear. I noticed that in HestiaCP, there is a very cool feature already developed in the server settings under the policies tab.

Perhaps in a future update, something like this could be added to show only what the administrator wants the common user to see.

If this option already exists somewhere, I apologize, as I did not find it in the panel or the forum.

I would like to know how I can work on this if I wanted to, to avoid disrupting future updates to the panel.

Thank you very much once again, and sorry for my English, I am from Brazil and I am using ChatGPT to help me :wink:

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This post of mine solved the problem.