Access / (root) directory from file manager

Is there a way to access the root directory (where etc, lib, usr, var, root, dev, home directories are located) using the Hestiacp file manager or an FTP account, when logged in as the admin user? If not how can I do this? Wouldn’t installing an FTP server on the machine interfere with Hestiacp’s already installed services?

Filemanger has no access to the system root. And it is not possible to give it.

There is also ftp installed (Unless you did deselect it during install but it it runs in a jail so it also has no root access

Best way is to use sftp

How would I go about using sftp to access the root directory?
I have tried adding an ssh key for the admin user, and connecting to the server with that key, but that only gives me access to the admin user directory. Not the actual system root directory.

sudo su -l
from the admin account work for you?

Hestia File Manager is not meant to be used to administer the server. It’s a tool mostly for the clients (users).

What you are describing seems to be like a server administration job. You can start from here. For user, you can use the same user that you used to setup Hestia in the first place (most probably root). If you want to be more secure, you can use key authentication when connecting via SFTP.


An easy graphical option for an SFTP file manager to access the Hestia Root Files is to SSH to the server IP and install Midnight Commander.

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