Access the Hestia Control Panel from subdomain via Cloudflare

Hi guys, first of all I would like to thank you all for this great active community, developing the best open source control panel out there!

Currently I stuck on how I can access the Hestia Control Panel from a subdomain over cloudflare. I have the following situation (please ignore the [] around a dot in the following) :

hestia cp is on server[.]hostname[.]com and I can access it with valid letsencrypt ssl certificate on server[.]hostname[.]com:8083

I have a domain with which I want to access the control panel on server[.]hostname[.]com:8083 over hestia[.]domain[.]com

My Idea was to use PortZilla in Cloudflare to archieve this goal. So I created a CNAME entry for hestia[.]domain[.]com as alias of server[.]hostname[.]com and set the target port in PortZilla to 8083.

Now when I open hestia[.]domain[.]com it is redirecting me to hestia[.]domain[.]com/login but is than showing the hestiacp 404 page instead of the login page of the hestia control panel :confused:

I appreciate every idea of how I could solve this :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!


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And this one from CloudFlare for better understanding:

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@eris Those links you provided dont exist anymore, and I am having the same issue as Jeazyee.