Access user webpage when A record IP is different

I did search and the search terms were too vague.

[example] I have the wonderful domain and it is currently hosted on bluehost. The domain IP must stay the same to allow the retrieval of WP content.

The new user on my hestia server is simply arktex54. Obviously, I cannot browse to the new server using . How do I get to the new server?

I tried:

this is not how it works. users are not linked directly within the webserver.

instead you need to create a web domain under that user - could be a subdomain that you then point to your server via an additional A record. if you connect to the server via ftp or sftp you’ll then find the docroot to put your content under /home/username/web/domain/public_html

So there is no way to get to a staging site without changing the DNS IP?

http://IP/~username/index.html is how you get to a username in cPanel so thought this may also have a way.

no. you can create the (future) domain as web-domain already and adjust your local hosts file though for staging purposes. and/or add a different domain as alias and use that instead. lot’s of options, however using a plain IP is simply not the way it works here or is intended to - sorry.

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