Accidentally type umlauts in domain äöü

I added an new user2 and also added a new domain. After accidentally typing äöü in the domain name the nginx and apache server crashed. Than I deleted the user2 and the domains in


and the servers worked again. But now hestia shows 3 user (include the admin account)
How can I recount the number ofer users? With phpmyadmin?

You need to update the users number in both /



Thank you very much! :raising_hand_man:

But special chars in the domain should not break Nginx or Apache2

Try it out.

Now Im trying to add user2 again:
Error: user user2 exists
So I removed the user2:

chattr -i -R user2
rm -R user2

But the error persists. How can I remove user2 complete?

delgroup user2

Perfect - that’s it. Thank you again. :slight_smile:

No - that wasnt all [php8.2-fpm] was down! Why? Because user2 was missing after deleting the group user2 :wink:

chattr -i -R user2
rm -R user2
delgroup user2
rm /etc/php/php-fpm/pool-d/öäü.conf

That seems to be all now.

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