Account limits per user


I want to be able to change account limits per user (increase web sites or mail domains).
I know I can create packages, but that I want is modify limits per users and I’ve a lot of users.

Is no problem for me if I need to change in a text file instead of GUI. Can I do that?

Not possible only at package level

But when I migrate a site from another server with diferent packages it keeps the limits, so I supose that I can edit it manually.

It should replace the package with the default package if I am right and that has unlimited domains and so on.

When I migrate between servers it mantains the name of package and the limits of the source hestia server.

I’ll try doing changes in “…hestia/data/users/USER/user.conf”, is dangerous manually touch that file?

Yes it is … It will reset if we run updates or rebuild the user if I am not wrong.

Be best way still remains custom packages


I understand that it is not a priority, but I think it could be a good feature in the future to be able to do so.

Thanks for all, great job!!

It is not a priority to change how the package system work, but there are several things you can do:

  • create username.pkg
  • create all combinations of .PKG files
  • ask for / submit a pull request that creates a username.pkg from different plans.
    You can have 2 DNS plans, 3 email plans, 5 web hosting plans apart from the unlimited options.

That easily makes 30-50 combinations.

Either you only limit space used or set 1 domain / user ( So clients need different users to access) to reduce complexity.

But maybe the packages should be decomposed into sub packages:

  • DNS.pkg
  • email.pkg
  • web.pkg
  • database.pkg
  • backup.pkg

This should also apply to DNS templates:

  • NS servers
  • web + ftp A
  • mail servers + SPF
  • rest of config

Currently I have no reasons to implement it first first ipv6