Add dumpfile ipset as IP list


I would like to add an anti-spam dumpfile as an ipset / ip list.
When I try adding it (both through the HestiaCP gui and through a local ipset script) I get the following error:
Error: IP list file too small (<10), ignoring
This is confusing since the GUI suggests that the datasource can also be one file: “Data Source (url, script or file)”

Would the only solution be to add the dumpfile url to a script with multiple sources (including txt lists etc)? I’d rather have a separate rule for this dumpfile.

Thanks in advance

It was added to protect user for adding empty files or updated files that turned to empty…

Please create a bug report on Github

Thanks, I will do that.


And how this could be an issue ?
I want to create an empty set to be used by crowdsec…
But I can’t create it through the panel as I need a source…

Same for a small ipset that I want to create, but need at least 10 lines (I ban whole range)…

I can always create set outside hestia, but then it could create some issue for integration between my custom setup and the panel… As I need to add rule to drop IP from thoses lists…