Add ip hestiacp

Hello, if I want to add one more IP to the panel, should I buy another server or simply buy another IP to the server that I already have?

Hey Lucas,

HestiaCP is not a panel to manage multiple servers in one GUI.
so if you just want to have multiple IPs per server aka in the same panel, you need to buy more IPs for that same server.

of course you can also get another server instead, but this also means you have to install hestiacp on that one as well and manage your stuff there separately …

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Thanks for the clarification, should I do any additional configuration? After adding the ip to the panel

I would check from command line if the IP is properly connected to your server before I add it within the panel :wink:

to be more precise: hestia does not add the IP to the network configuration of your server, that is something you have to take care of by yourself beforehand (also might depend on the providers setup/routing etc.)