Add phpmyadmin as a subdomain

As the title sais I want to remove the default configuration of phpmyadmin as an alias and add it as a subdomain.
I’ve tried to edit nginx and apache configuration file but without success.
How can add the new configuration?


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Hi, sorry to use this thread to ask my question, but how do you get into phpmyadmin? I can’t log in from IP:8083/phpmyadmin , I’ve tried to add a host to the server but I don’t know how to do it, thanks. should work fine

Use custom templates:

Use hestiacp/apache.conf at main · hestiacp/hestiacp · GitHub

As a basis and it should work

Thanks for the answer but i don’t really understand how to do it.
I image i have to edit the template ( don’t know how ) then from the control pannel edit the user packadge to use the new template i made ( both nginx and apache ) then create a new website and somehow point to phpmyadmin folder this way i can reach it from a subdomain. After that i have to delete or edit the pma apache.conf file so the alias no longer works.

I have a really basic knowladge about how all of this works, i’m still trying to learn

In the end I managed to do exactly what I wanted.
First I’ve disabled the current phpmyadmin configuration by renaming /etc/apache2/conf.d/ in to phpmyadmin.inc_BACKUP.
Then I followed the docs and made the templates for apache and nginx but replacing %docroot% with phpmyadmins’ path.
In the end i created a new domain and under the advanced settings I selected the new templates that i’ve made and that worked.
Thanks for the tip @eris

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