Adding multiple ips

Good afternoon, I would like to know how to add another IP to my panel, when trying to add it there I get the error.
Internal error 500
Is there any way to put it via code? please help me I really need it.
I need to add the local network ip and the nat public ip because I have two internet connections connected to a load balance router

Hi @infokr,

It’s a known bug, use v-add-sys-ip instead:

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Is this giving an error friend, could you be clearer? I’m doing it the following way, see if it’s correct

v-add-sys-ip [eno2] [admin] [shared] [NAME ???] [111.222.333.444]
These are my real values ​​if I’m wrong please correct me

When you see options for a command using this format [OPTION] that means the option is not mandatory, it’s optional but you don’t need to use []. Also on name just use two single quotes to leave that option blank.

v-add-sys-ip eno2 admin shared '' 111.222.333.444
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When I connect the second modem with the other IP on the server’s secondary network card, the IPs seem to conflict, it doesn’t work well.
Do I need to point the DNS entries pointing this new IP to the server too? Could someone give me some help? my scenario is two broadbands to obtain two ips

SSL, for example, I can’t enable it for both the host and the domains with 1 IP, it works really well