Adding RoundCube Plus Skin to HestiaCP

I need to add a commercial “Outlook” skin1 to our Hestia Roundcube (HestiaCP v1.6.4, Roundcube v1.4.3).

According to the README from roundcube+, I should copy the contents of the skins and plugins folders into “the corresponding ‘skins’ and ‘plugins’ directory of my Roundcube installation.”

I found /usr/share/roundcube/ with ‘skins’ and ‘plugins’ folders, but I also found a ‘plugins’ folder in /etc/roundcube. So, I’m scratching my head on where I should put the plugins.

I can figure it out with trial and error, but I’m hoping someone here has a deeper understanding of the Roundcube integration and can say with certainty how a 3rd party skin should be added.

The roundcube+ README also says that <roundcube>/config/ should be edited to add ‘xskin’ to the $config['plugins'] array and <roundcube>/ should be modified to include $config['license_key'] = 'your-license-key-here';

I found /etc/roundcube/, but there is no file named ‘’ anywhere in the HestiaCP image.

I’m guessing I should add ‘xskin’ to the /etc/roundcube/ file, but that probably means it will get creamed the next time HestiaCP updates Roundcube. And, I’m wondering where I should put the license key so that it gets pickup by the plugin. :thinking:

Anyone been down this path already??

should be the right path.

will not get overwritten during updates, this counts only for /home/user/conf which should not be touched.