Admin login & password recovery not working. Server bricked

Weird, I installed Hestia and never gotten the ‘Congratulations!’ and login info after installation,
The installation hung for a little and then Putty froze.

Prior to installation of course, I sudo apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade , per usual.

Although everything seemed to be working, and the Hestia CP login screen does pops up,
you would think everything should be working to a basic level, but I was wrong.

I was unable to login or do a password recovery to retrieve the security code, through multiple attempts.

Is there a solution to reset, or reinstall Hestia?

Solutions on the forum states using ‘v-change-user-password’ command will help, however, the shell states that the ‘command is not found’.

I’m no stranger to this process, since using NGINX, PLESK, aaPanel, with little to no issues on first installation. I simply wanted to see how Hestia works out.

As far as I can see, from an end-users perspective, Hestia is just a fancy login screen that has zero access to it’s users.


Can’t say much, because i dont know what fails. We have now more than 20’000 active servers running hestia, so I would say we can exclude a issue on codebase.

A freeze of putty is for sure not good, you should get a output screen including the admin user name and passwort, aswell as the interface addresss.

maybe a look at the hestia installation log (usualy in /root) could give a bit more informations.

Also, if you want to test it, run it on a hetzner cloud account - easy, cheap and I’m sure it will work.


Try using /usr/local/hestia/bin/v-change-user-password