Admin password gets overwritten on every update

When ever an hestia update is installed on my server, my hestia login password (admin) gets overwritten with the password my hoster has provided me.

Not sure if this is some custom script my hoster has applied.

Is there any way to undo this beheaviour ?


Have you considered asking your hoster?

How do you change the password in Hestia?

probaly you’re just changing with passwd, use v-change-user-password user NewPassword on commandline or change it again in hestia interface, so it also get saved in user conf.

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In the hestia Panel i go to “users” → “edit user” (admin) → add a new password → save.
Until a new update is installed i can login to my panel with the new password.

May in the update script the admin password gets overwritten with the root password ?