Administrator Access

First, I want to note that there’s nothing I want to do with hestia CP that hasn’t been possible, which makes me wonder what exactly is the hype around the other paid alternatives.

My suggestion is, if there can be a feature, for instance I want someone to work on a website and I don’t want to give them access to all my websites, I can just create a dummy account which will give them access to the website(s) I select, their domain emails and a particular dB’s I select to have access too, that way I won’t have to give engineers access to all my websites.

Also, using 2factor authentication does not provide means to authy, authenticator or the likes when setup. Please look I to it too … Excellent work tho’, and in 100% sure hestiacp will be the biggest soon like letsencrypt.

Probaly just create a seperated user?

2FA should work well, please explain further.