After DNS Update, Hestia Panel Not Accessible

Hello everyone,

I have been using Hestia panel for some time and it’s working fine but then I realized the SSL is not active on the www version of my domain name, essentially, I can’t access the www version of my website. It was showing the “too many redirects error message”. I was using Cloudflare to manage my DNS at this time.

My domain registrar tried to help but couldn’t.

So, I decided to delete my DNS settings from Cloudflare and manage the DNS directly on my domain registrar.

Ever since I did this, I couldn’t access my Hestia panel anymore.

I have changed the port on my Oracle Cloud instance from 2083 (for Cloudflare), to 8083.

The worst part is, I can’t access my instance too.

Any idea of what could have gone wrong please?

Note: my website is working perfectly with active SSL i.e. its www and non-www versions. Just that, I can’t access my Hestia panel.

I was able to resolve the issue by reconnecting the website back to Cloudflare and managing the DNS through Cloudflare again.

After a few hours and the NS (nameserver) got propagated, I visited and I was able to see my Hestia panel login screen again :slight_smile:

After successful login as the admin, I clicked on the server cog icon > firewall.

Then added a new firewall rule to allow port 8083

Next, I log in as my website user (not admin this time), edited the web domain and went straight to the SSL section and then added the www version of my website in the “Aliases” field section

Now, when I checked the www and non-www versions of my website, i.e. and they’re both working perfectly!

NOTE: I added the firewall rule of 8083 to test if I will be able to still access my Hestia panel if I disconnect Cloudflare and instead manage the DNS directly from my domain registrar. As of this writing, the DNS with Cloudflare hasn’t propagated 100%, so I will need to wait, disconnect again, wait again for it to propagate with my domain registrar. If it works, I will come update this answer.

Also, I added and allow the 8083 port so the www version of my website could work with my domain registrar since that port is necessary, to be able to access Hestia panel without Cloudflare and it’s open in my Oracle Cloud instance ingress rules, hence, the port needs to be open too in my Hestia panel firewall rule for the www versions too to work even after connecting to Cloudflare.

Hope it helps someone.


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