After install password invalid, never send code email

After install hestia, password always wrong, resend code forget password never arrived.

/usr/bin/local/hestia/v-change-user-password admin newpassword

Should work fine

It was not the problem of Hestia, but Vultr who created this problem. I have installed Hestia on Linode and everything works fine. No idea what Vultr does, but it does not work there. It works correct on Linode. Thank you for your answer and it will helpful if I have this problem somewhere else

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Vultr blocks outbound SMTP on port 25. If you’re trying to send to an external mail address, this might be the problem. If you check Exim logs or queue, you’ll see ‘can’t connect’ messages.
You can apply to get the port unblocked at Vultr support, and if you’re a legit mail server and non-spammy, they’ll usually do it in a day or two.
You may also be able to divert mail through a third party SMTP server using the global, or per-domain SMTP relay function, if that suits your needs better.

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