After installation v1.7.0 admin password changed?

I don’t have admin access via panel or ssh.
What happened? Did the system change the password after installation 1.7.0?

How did you change you password always do it via

v-change-user-password admin “password” or via the panel other methods don’t work as they will revert back to the value in user.conf

Try to login via ssh / VNC what ever to reset your password

The only account I can login to via ssh on the server is the admin account.

no kvm from your provider or root user? Usualy, you install hestia with root, then it will generate the admin one. Otherwise you still can force reset the root passwort over grub bypass and then set the password over the proper way (v-change-user-password for any hestia user).

Thanks. KVM is the solution but I was surprised by the password lock.

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