After reboot all website stopped working

i was installing ssl on a website then it took long about 5 to 8 minutes i have to restart my vps
after the reboot all website on my vps stopped working all of them became unaccisable
i can still access my hestiacp admin panel

what could be the issue

First things first; check the logs.

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ok on that

try to open /list/server/ at the web interface and checkout, perhaps some service (for example, like MariaDB, or PHP-fpm) hadn’t start.

Check if you can see services from a different computer. Maybe you have been banned by fail2ban and that’s why you can’t see any services.

Check the database to see if it is running and Nginx too.

Such a massive failure is very unlikely.

If mariadb has not started,you can’t login into the panel

nope, I had troubles with the MariaDB starting for websites, Hestia panel still was reachable

Hestia doesn’t not deppend on MariaDB… So that should never been an issue

thanks to everybody i was able to fix it after long hours of going through the log files
i did v-user-rebuild something like that and all the website was accessible again