After restarting the server, Apache and nginx do not work

After restarting the server, Apache and nginx do not work.

After restarting the system Apace2 and nginx don’t work. Screenshot attached. I don’t understand why it is happen’s. Help me please to figure out with this situation. May be it was discribed here, but my english is not so good ahd it is difficult to me to find out information

The first thing you should do is to check the status of those services… also clamav is not starting but don’t know if that is ok to you.

systemctl status nginx --no-pager -l
systemctl status apache2 --no-pager -l

If press the Nginx reboot button manually, the server starts normal working. Every time reboot the server, need to start Nginx manually. Running the clamav program is not necessary for me.

You should figure out why the ip is not assigned to your system when nginx or apache2 try to start, maybe it is taking more time than usual to assign the ip so at the time nginx or apache2 are trying to start, that ip is not available and that’s the reason for the error and the reason because when it is completely started you can restart the services and work fine… the ip is available again.

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I found the right decision. The Nginx server starts normally after reboot. χάμστερ - nginx bind() to :80 failed (99: Cannot assign requested address) после перезапуска
Starting nginx: [emerg]: bind() to IP failed (99: Cannot assign requested address) (Linux) — НеБлог

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