After Server reboot website is not accessable

Hello, i use Hestia on server. When i restart the server website is down and cannot access. Cloudflare says domain is not accessable but i can log in Hestia admin panel. i remove website and then add domian again and then cloduflare can access the domain.

where can the problem be?

It’s difficult to impossible to guess what that means without telling us the errors you get, or the screens you see. It would also help if you tell us about any possible errors you see on the web domain error log. Last but not least, have you made the basic tests like checking if the web/proxy server is running? If you did what is the result?

The shorter your problem description is the more time it will take to solve the problem (if ever). Posting a 3 line problem description without any info about what you have already tried to solve it, will make people think that you don’t really care enough about the problem. So why should they?

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