Alias/Mirror web domain?

Can i make an alias web domain without any files for an already existing server with an ip with the benefit of SSL certs?
Already made a DNS domain, but you can’t get a cert for that.

Hi @aolko in Hestiacp you can add your domain as a alias in “Edit domain” when you turn on SSL on the same page it will use the SSL certificate which can be generated by Lets Encrypt.

This is not what i meant.

Add a web domain for with the existing IP of (not the root server ip) with the SSL cert without any files on the root server

is what i meant.

No you can’t just add it was web domain if you need an ssl for I

Your reply seems incomplete…
so, any workarounds if that doesn’t work then?

Whay are you actually trying to accomplish? If you just need a certificate for a domain that is running on another server, adding it to HestiaCP is not going to do you any good.

You should probably read up on ACME clients and figure out a way to put one on your other server. If your ACME client supports DNS-01 validation and your DNS server has a means of automating updates, that would allow you to obtain a certificate using DNS.

I’m trying to use hestiacp as a passthrough, instead of just squatting a target machine with certbot manually. FYI is an example domain.

If that is not your domain name, please don’t abuse someone else’s when the domain exists exclusively for such purpose.

It sounds like you are wanting to use a domain on your HestiaCP server as a reverse proxy to another host. You will need to write your own custom template for that.

Be sure to consider the security of the traffic between the reverse proxy and the origin site.

Provide a snippet for such template, since i’ve yet to encounter one.

Already answered.

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