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Hello. I am using VPS DigitalOcean. I installed the Hestia panel there and want to create a website for a client (‘clientdomain . com’), but since I don’t have access to the domain yet, I want to join my subdomain (‘subdomain . mydomain . com’) to the hosting and the panel. I’ve already done the following:

  • created a domain (‘mydomain . com’) in DigitalOcean with an A record.
  • also created A record for ‘subdomain . mydomain . com’
  • inserted ‘ns1 .digitalocean .com’, ‘ns2 .digitalocean .com’, ‘ns3 .digitalocean .com’ at the domain registrar.
  • in Hestia, I created a client’s domain (‘clientdomain . com’) and specified an alias (‘subdomain . mydomain . com’). IP chose the real one. Installed Laravel there
  • waited for the update of the NS data and checked WhoIs (the NS were updated).

After all this, if I try to open ‘subdomain . mydomain . com’ nothing works. What am I doing wrong?

Apparently everything is okay.

There are two failure points:

  • DNS resolution
  • Web server misconfig

If a web server is answering you even with an error, then DNS is ok.

If you get a timeout usually DNS.

You can also try to connect editing your hosts file to check if the web server is running okay regardless of the DNS resolution.

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When I go to clientdomain. com, then everything works. And when I go to subdomain. mydomain. com, then I see the standard Cannot Access Site page.
I am not a powerhouse in administration, so I have questions:

  • how to check if the web server is responding?
  • how to check if I am getting a timeout?
  • where is the hosts file?
    Thank you.

The error message comes from chrome or the server. Whomever is answering there you have where your error comes from.

Here you can find it: Let Me Google That

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Thank you all for your help. I found the cause of the problem.


Dear @artfish … Is it possible for you to write about exact cause? I am getting the same issue.

The following helped in my case:
1.I deleted all previously created domains, DNS, DB, mail in the panel
2. I created a new domain (domain of my client) in the panel. When creating, I did not check the “DNS Support” and “Mail Support” checkboxes
3. After that, I reopened the previously created domain and indicated my subdomain in the aliases.

Of course, do not forget to pre-configure your domain in DigitalOcean (if you host there).

I hope this tutorial will help you.

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