Alibaba DirectMail

How we setup AlibabaCloud DirectMail with Hestia…?
Ali SimpleApplication Server cant send emails. Must use DirectMail service. But how to config in Hedtia?

I tried Mail server > global smtp relay> DirectMail ID/Pass. But no response

Check /var/log/exim4/mainlog

Mainlog > smtp defer110

Please grab your sysadmin skills and do a basic debug.

Hi @ScIT , Even you goto Google & searched for solution for email defer (110), you will get no joy. Because the issue is NOT ONLY on the error (110).
This error is due to the Alibb cloud DirectMail restrictions. There is no proper guide what/how/where/why the config sets into custom panels like Hestia. So if we missed to find somewhere else, asking into the Hestia’s forum is the best way.

My finding is : AliBB DirectMail is not capable for clients-web-hosting transactional emails purpose.
AWS-SES is much better.