All hestia services stopped responding

Hi, I’m loving Hestia CP, I’ve installed it on a VPS, on Ubuntu 22.04.1.Https,Ftp, everything ok. Then installed Nextcloud, everything worked fine for a couple of days, started uploading files, and yesterday I’ve added a second user for Nextcloud, apart from admin. then I saw a notice in nextcloud saying that for multiple user it is best to use cron jobs, so I changed that in Nexctcloud options. I’ve rebooted the system and since then, everything went off. Neither cp nor nextcloud webs responded any more.
I’ve checked Iptables and vps firewall and they are ok. Disk usage is minimal so far and memory usage is low. I can access with Putty, but no more Hestia services.
Can anyone help please?
Thank you!

Check each service status, habe a look at the log files and so on. If you cant access the backend, start at the hestia service.

Thank you very much.

v-list-sys-services returned all up except iptables. Don’t know if it should be thay way, given that the vps firewall is first, so I’ve started it but didn’t work.

Also tried disabling cron for users with “mv /var/spool/cron /var/spool/cron_is_disabled”

Could you specify which log to check?