Alpine Linux support

Hi, I’ve recently started playing around with Alpine Linux containers / VPS and find it blazing fast and little resourceful compared to Debian / Ubuntu.

I saw a post from 2020 about CentOS and where you described that there are no resources for such request, but I try it anyway to ask if you have ever looked into Alpine support and might have considered it generally. Or maybe has anyone ever tried it and found that It’s technically not easy and dropped the ball?


We do not plan to support other linux distributions right now, this includes alpine aswell. For cebtos, there was already some work done, but contributor doesnt have enough time to finish it.

Have you considered implementing a secret URL to access the login panel? For example, in MyVestaCP you can use something like “domain.tld:8083/?SECRET_KEY” to access the login page. While access is blocked after several failed attempts in the panel, this doesn’t help much if the server is receiving bots from different directions.

no, we do not have any plan to implement sich a feature right now.

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