Alternative to Clamav?

Is there any alternative to Clamav for HestiaCP (no matter if I have to run it periodically manually or schedule a cronjob, the relevant thing is the consumption) and is low memory consumption for modest servers?

I installed HestiaCP without that antivirus because of its high consumption, but some malicious files have sneaked through Wordpress.

Thanks in advance.


Existe alguna alternativa a ClamaV para HestiaCP (no importa si debo ejecutarlo periódicamente de manera manual o programar un cronjob, lo relevante es el consumo) y sea de bajo consumo de memoria para servidores modestos?

Instalé HestiaCP sin ese antivirus por su alto consumo, pero algunos archivos maliciosos se han colado mediante Wordpress.

Gracias de antemano.

You may install another AV for Linux servers and use incron to scan every file that lands on your server.

You will have to use shell to configure it and to run the updates.

ClamAV is only used for email scanning. To get it to work for PHP files you have to update the signatures and the target of the scan.

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