Amazon SES rate limits

I intend to use amazon SES as an external relay.
The problem is that amazon imposes some limits (50 recipients per email and sending 14 mails per second).
I have tried to find some method to move these restrictions to exim, but I have found no solution.

Any idea how I can configure these limits in exim?

I believe in the exim conf, editable from the control panel. you can set

recipients_max = 50
recipients_max_reject = true

Here’s a relevant source:

regarding the 14 emails per second, If I’m not mistaken Amazon SES will queue these emails for you, sending 14 per second.

you may also want to set message size limits to control costs from amazon ses


The option recipients_max_reject = true is not valid for the smtp driver.
However recipients_max = [x] divides the sending into batches (with a maximum of [ x ] recipients).
Amazon SES will consider the batch sending valid even if envelopes have the same ID.


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