Any support and documentations for plugins?

Hi everyone,

I’m not a developer but I’d like to add a feature in my HestiaCP that allows me to easily clone sites. Are plugins supported? If so, where can I find some documentation for that?
Thank you in advance

Why clone? frame? Or the content of the article? You can use the collected plug-ins for the content of the article. You can go to github to find related programs! You can’t copy the framework either. Unable to successfully clone complete parameter file without server permissions

I am referring to the sites hosted in HestiaCP.
I have site A in HestiaCP, I’d like to clone the user/site into B

The method I use is this, you can refer to it! First copy all website folders under /home/www/web to other directories. If the folder data is too large, you can use a compression tool to compress it and then download it locally. Database You can use the database management tool to log in with the relevant account, and then export the data to the local. If the data is too large, you can use the backup command to back it up and then download it. It is recommended to fill in the relevant website name when exporting to avoid confusion! Then upload the website files and database files one by one to server B for recovery. If the database exceeds 50MB, it is recommended to use the import command to directly import it into the related database you created, and then use the copy function to copy the related files to the public_html of the related website in the /home/www/ network directory. Inside the folder! Because the database and website files are the same, there is no difference between the content and server A!

You can directly refer to backup and backup recovery!

The simple way is to download the backup file of server A and upload it to the /backup directory of server B. Then use the restore cli command to restore the backup file!

Thank you @yunli ! I think this might be it, I’ll test it tomorrow!

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