Any way to setup autobback schedule!

as title says i want to set auto backup schedule and an option to backup to cloud services like dropbox or google drive if possible and thanks :))

And then header Backups

You are able to set up a location to save the back ups

Local, SFTP and FTP is currently supported.

If you want create an additional backup method feel free to create a pull request.

Time can be set via Cronjob

sudo /usr/local/hestia/bin/v-backup-users is the command to set up backup if you give it a cron schedule


On top of that you of course can mount whatever other storage you want to use onto the local folder you pick, so dropbox or gdrive should be an option as well :wink:

thank you for the reply i just want to mention i want that backup to be auto i dont want to be involved in the command line so i might break something and an option how much backup copy to leave for ex: last 7 backups and schedule to be run each day

In the package you can specify the number of backups that should be saved…


As it has been said before, Hestia creates daily backups automatically OOB. Only if you want to store them on specific external locations, you need to mount them by yourself.
Hestia is build with the expectation of you being able to do so :wink:

Maybe we add a function for specific providers in the future, but to be honest, I can’t see a high priority for that…

For the numbers of backups you want ypu should simply create a package in the panel where you can set the amount to your likings, as @eris already wrote.

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oh i got it thank you guys i didnt know that is already comes with builtin auto backup :slight_smile: