Apache or Nginx custom config persist?


Great projetc!

I need that loja.mysite.com coming through the loja.anotherdomain.com
From what I saw I will have to configure nginx to accept any domain through a wildcard “*”

My question would be, when doing this and if the system is updated, or hestip is updated, in short, is there a way to permanently keep the settings made in Nginx or Apache, without undergoing any kind of unscheduled change?


Any direct changes to /home/user/conf/web/domain.com/nginx.conf will geset unless you create a new domain for it


Thx for reply.

“Avoid modifying default templates as they are overwritten by updates.”
So even if I modify the nginx template, located in “/usr/local/hestia/data/templates/web/nginx/” when hestiacp is updated will the template be replaced by a new template?

Is there any way this change can be applied forever? I suppose disabling automatic hestiacp updates would do the trick, correct? Today I have only 1 user for 1 system and it will be like this “forever” in this vps.

Create a unique name for the template and you are save…

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