API Keys for fossbilling

How do I find the “api” key under admin user → access key. Cannot for the live of me find it in the control panel.

If you can’t see the button then check whether API is enabled:

Server Settings -> Configure -> Security -> System -> API


Thank You, under the key there is only authorisation and no secret keyl

When you add a new access key, you will see the secret key and Hestia informs you that you should save the secret key because you won’t be able to see it again from Web UI.


thnak you, Im getting authentication failed. Do I have to whitelist this inside Hestia? It’s already on the same IP.

Add and your server's IP to Allowed IP addresses for API field.

I have done this, still getting authentication failed.

1.- I don’t use FOSSBilling so I’ve no idea what it requires.

2.- Show the conf you are using or nobody would be able to help you (for example, are you using Use Secure connection? Because you must do it.

3.- Check the logs in /var/log/hestia/