APISIX Integration

Hello everyone,

I been using HestiaCP for some time now and is super awesome!

I’m not an expert or whatever, but I try to read as much as I can before I come to communities to ask for some ideas to try to solve my problem.

So I wanted to try out APISIX, a gateway open source software to centralized some backend I’m running with HestiaCP.

With this in mind here what I’m trying to do

awesomedomainA[dot]com → anotherdomainB[dot]com

I have setup a domain in HestiaCP to reach APISIX, which I added some rules to conf files awesomedomainA.com.ssl.conf and works flawless

To check that works in APISIX I add a route with upstream to httpbin[dot]org or even to hestiacp[dot]com - I keep under awesomedomain[dot]com and works great

Now the problem, when I change the upstream to another domain hosted with HestiaCP I always reach awesomedomainA[dot]com default root files not anotherdomainB[dot]com

Both awesomedomainA[dot]com and anotherdomainB[dot]com are managed by HestiaCP, maybe I’m missing some configuration.

You will probably need to use the appropriate Apache Community resources for assistance with their product.

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