App Install internal error or misconfiguration

Panel with default installation I have installed apps from the installer without problem.

Today when trying it in a user it gives me this error, on the other hand in another user if it works for me.
What could be if in the same user I could install before in two different domains?

thanks and regards!

Without additional informations, there is no way to say whats wrong :). Did you checked your web log, what exactly causes the internal server error?

Please check


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What version are you using. It was an bug in main branch short time ago but it should never been released.

Also for readability copy paste the log files an put it between code tags

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thanks for your answer.

I do not understand what you tell me.

The version I have is the same as in other 4 panels, that is to say, by default I did not add or modify anything.

only in this user gives me this error …

Error is in line:

Seems to give a error

Please check the error.log located in /usr/local/hestia/log/