Attempt to install postgresql on an existing hestia install and it failed

Greetings All,

I used the script with all options set to no except --postgresql and got:
Error: Hestia install detected. Unable to continue
I tried again passing the -f flag and got the same.
This is a client’s install and the hestia version is 1.6.14 not that that would have anything
to do with this. I reckon hestia is set to not auto-upgrade itself.

Any tips, tricks, or troubleshooting someone can share ?



Run apt update && apt upgrade -y

We currently do not support running the installation script to add / remove extra packages

The best thing to do is open hst-install-ubuntu / hst-install-debian and follow the steps to install postgresql

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Would it make sense to split the hst install into smaller pieces so that you can install some of the modules anytime?

Maybe it is not possible to do it easily with apache2 or some other core functionality.

Yes it would make sense…

OK, thank for the response and comments.