Atypical DNS zone behavior


I have several DNS zones configured as follows:

Zone 1: domain.tld
Zone 2: subdomain.domain.tld
Zone 3: subdomain2.domain.tld

The zones of the subdomains work without problems, however a strange behavior occurs with the main domain. It happens that every certain period of time (indeterminate, sometimes more, sometimes less) the zone of that domain only (domain.tld, for the example) stops working; so I have to delete the zone completely and create it again and, when I do it, it works fine for another period of time.

Obviously it is a tedious process because there are quite a few records that I have to create each time.

I hope you can help me with some idea, thank you very much.

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Tengo configuradas varias zonas DNS de la forma:

Zona 1: domain.tld
Zona 2: subdomain.domain.tld
Zona 3: subdomain2.domain.tld

Las zonas de los subdominios funcionan sin problemas, sin embargo ocurre un comportamiento extraño con el dominio principal. Sucede que cada cierto tiempo (indeterminado, a veces más, a veces menos) deja de funcionar la zona de ese dominio únicamente (domain.tld, para el ejemplo); con lo cual debo eliminar la zona completamente y crearla nuevamente y, al hacerlo, funciona bien por otro tiempo.

Obviamente es un proceso tedioso porque hay bastantes registros que debo crear cada vez.

Espero que me ayuden con alguna idea, muchas gracias.

You have to define “comportamiento extraño”. What errors do you see?
Have you checked the logs?
Is it a polter Geist? We need more info.

If there is a big light around the server and it starts trembling and then the gates to hell open… and demons start crossing the portal. Maybe you could try:

yes | apt install cowsay && cowsay ‘You shall not pass!’

service bind9 restart

I’m curious about the reason to have 3 zones instead for just one. You can configure all the A/CNAME records you need, directly inside Zone1.


For no particular reason, simply in “web” I created each domain and their DNS zones are automatically created, all of them work correctly except the main domain.

On the other hand, if it was one zone for all that failure would affect all the subdomains that are fine as they are.

Edited to give the solution
The solution to this problem was to remove some SRV records (which were used to configure Office 365 but were no longer needed). Something in those records was impairing the DNS performance for the domain they were in.

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