Auth: Info: missing passwd file: /etc/exim4/domains//passwd

dovecot.log have more repeat errors:
auth: Info: missing passwd file: /etc/exim4/domains//passwd

how fix?

Ignore… Nothing wrong… Just spam bots…

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Hi Marcus,

No Marcus they are no spambots, who does this nasty activities that causes to create such a message. They are real human beings who conduct malicious activities.

To keep stringent observation on those nasty spammers and hackers, who constantly try to connect with dovecot, I have activated necessary configuration. Thereafter, I can see all details of these people. I can read their IP and which password on which domain they have attempted to crack.

After knowing their attempts, I enter these passwords into the file. If the password is in the file, the login fails. So to protect from such hacking attempts, one has to configure these things in dovecot.con in respective files for an enhanced vigilance.

There is no fix for this. This is a very important feature.

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