Authorization keeps dropping

after the update, if you are in the control panel, the session is reset. And every minute you have to re-login. In the settings it is worth resetting only the session after 1 hour

We log your client ip if it changes all the time it might be the cause of the issue.

static ip, And yes, nothing changes for me every minute, if I’m ready at the address

this was not the case before the update. all problems persist after update


If you are using Cloudflare for Hestia panel it self it might be the issue.

Unless you provide more information not a lot can be done…

I don’t use Cloudflare, I don’t change my IP address at all. And now I’m generally asked to enter the panel again with a periodicity of 30 seconds. I have cleared the browser cache, nothing helps.

I am experiencing the same issue. I managed to stay logged in using the browser in incognito mode.

Did you find any solution?? I did fresh install on: 08-02-2023
same issue panel gets logged out after few seconds.