Auto daily backups with rotation

I would like HestiaCP to create backups automatically everyday, I have set the cronjob for v-backup-users but backups are not being created.
I suspect it is because the number of maximum allowed backups is reached, how can I make it deletes the oldest backup before making a new one?

remove before create a new one is a really bad idea: when the backup fails, you basicly have nothing.

Also there shoudl already be a cronjob in admin which runs every night and should trigger v-backup-users. Also a backup should be created everytime, and the oldest one should get removed when the backup went trough.

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Ok I have just tested the cronjob and it works, but If I have say 3 backups, I need the oldest one to be removed to free up space on disk, can that be achieved?

That how it currently works do you have enough disk space available?

Oh yes it works now, I had to leave a lot of free disk space for it to work.

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