Auto Migrate from cPanel Server to Hestia

Hello Everyone,

I have made a script to migrate from cPanel server to HestiaCP

The script automates creating the backup for the cPanel user then move it to the Hestia server and Restore it…

#!/bin/bash# VariablesREMOTE_SERVER=""REMOTE_PATH="/backu - ( sorry for not making github link )

Please let me know if anything needed…


First edit:

REMOTE_PATH=“/backup” # Change this to your remote backup directory

To move one user or leave it empty to move all:
./ username

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Nice feature @jorbox I think it will be great to have this in a GitHub repo? And maybe if you want to get it implemented into the Hestia project you can create a merge request for it?

When you need help with this please let me know.

I’m no cPanel user and have a little experience with I can’t test the working of the script fully.

It needs to be installed on the Cpanel server.

It probally makes more sense to create a link under:


Dump of me, sorry i miss that.
What you say it can be added to the Hestia docs.


Yes the reason that this scripts have to be installed on the cPanel server, I have tried on a lot of websites and it works perfectly if there is a problem it will be reported directly in the script…

Maybe I should make it a GitHub repo soon and add more features but I wanted something quick and pastebin did the work.

Thank you so much

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