Auto Update broke Hestia

My websites work, but Hestia is broken after an unsuccessful auto-update.

Is there an easy way to fix it, or do I have to start from scratch again? I have backups of the websites, but not Hestia (yet).

check service status (systemctl status hestia) and the related log file in /var/log/hestia

Check /var/log/hestia/nginx-error.log

Looks like a Nginx error.

2023/04/28 05:04:31 [emerg] 2393651#0: bind() to failed (98: Address already in use)
2023/04/28 05:04:31 [emerg] 2393651#0: still could not bind()

Looking for a solution via Google …

Okay, it looks like Nginx took over port 8083. I shut down nginx, then started hestia, then restarted nginx. It’s a crude workaround, but it works.

Any info on how to keep nginx from taking 8083 would be helpful.

check the main nginx includes configuration files. This should never happens probably you’ve some modifications done in nginx at /etc/nginx

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