Backblaze backups being deleted

So I found that HestiaCP now has a Backblaze backup option, which is fantastic. Means I don’t need to transfer backups to an FTP server to then send to backblaze… But using the Backblaze option still deletes old backups when uploading a new backup?

This shouldn’t be happening. If i want lifecycle rules I would apply them on the Backblaze side. If i want backups deleted after 1 day, I would tell the bucket. But I want an archive for at least 30 days. Which I would tell Backblaze, only HestiaCP is purging the buckets itself.

It’s called backup retention and it works as expected: If you set 1 backup in user package, hestia keeps it, if you increase the number, you’ll get more backups.

So if i set it to 30 backups, is that going to keep 30 backups on the local machine too?

Yes, but you can remove local backups, just remove it from hestia.conf, probaly also possible from interface and only place the backups on backblaze. Personaly, i dont keep any backups on my local machine and on a external storage.

If you’re really intending to keep 30 copies of each backup, you would certainly benefit from looking at doing incremental backups with a tool like restic, or borg. As incremental backups only store what’s changed, then the storage requirement is very much reduced over Hestia’s native tar.gz backup format.
However this would require you to write a few scripts and set up cron jobs, so that might not be for you. Just putting it on your radar.

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Guess I just assumed you had to have local backups for remote backups to exist. Maybe because the local backup option was using select control whereas the remote option was a checkbox? Felt kinda nested maybe.

Where in the filesystem would I find the default user package? I can’t seem to edit the default one, and I don’t really want to keep trying to remember to apply a custom package for every user I add.

Still not a fan of letting the web server handle backup removal, so long as there is a workaround I guess. Really not wanting to fall down the restic or borg hole! I’m happy just throwing all backups into a bucket and letting the bucket handle removals when the files expire. Storage is cheap :slight_smile: So long as I’m not holding a years worth…

You should not edit the default package. Create a new package and edit the users them to user new package and then edit the package to the correct number.

Right, so

  • hestia must manage removal of backups
  • i cant set a default number of backups without altering, like, 50 users across 5-6 servers
  • whenever i create a new user in the future i need to remember to give them a non-default package

got to say i’m thinking the whole backup to ftp > let the ftp server send the files to backblaze method i’ve previously been using is sounding like the better option.

  • hestia must manage removal of backups

Yes. How ever it allows also direct restore from Hestia. On the other hand it doesn’t help when there is total server failure…

  • i cant set a default number of backups without altering, like, 50 users across 5-6 servers
  • whenever i create a new user in the future i need to remember to give them a non-default package

The idea behind it so there is always a working backup available. We might be able to add an option to select an different package when a user has been created…

Please @eris submit a PR to add the rename bulk into Hestia cli.

Hah will look into those changes thanks :smiley: I do appreciate HestiaCP, guess since I am working more towards a total server failure backup strategy with me being the only user, I’m a bit blind to the angle of letting actual subusers of a server having some control over their backups. And to that angle its handy to define number of backups etc, but since It’s only me on my servers i’m blind to that usecase and just want things the way i want them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you!

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