Backend not working

Hello everyone,

After Installing Hestiacp on AWS instance, I Can’t access the hestiacp backend with both URL and IP.
I’ve read many thread without soln

domain= redacted

IP URL:  https://*redacted*:8083

Any help pls.
Thanks in anticipation

I support I can not get into the control panel

Maybe this: Amazon EC2 security groups for Linux instances - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Thanks so much for the reply. However, I’m still confuse on what to do here. Can you be specific on the exact security rule to add. (or maybe a possible example)

Attached is a picture of my security group, What am i missing?

Add port 8083

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Thanks so much! It worked fine

just FYI: please do not post your domain or IP here unless ask for it. I redacted that accordingly.

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