Backup does not set mysql password


I’ve been setting up 2 servers both with hestia and a couple of websites including databases.
Now i’m moving em over to a new server and I am exporting & importing the backups 1 by 1.

It seems that it works almost perfect, when I restore the user backup, it does restore the database.
But it seems to not set the password for the user.

I have to set the password myself.

Is this something normal or a broken feature :-)?

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Hi @Machiel92

This is a known issue and has already been fixed in master branch, which will be released in our new version 1.1.0:

Hi ScIT,

How could you be so quick.
Foolish of me for not checking out there…
My apologies.

I already knew its easy to just fix by setting the password manually :slight_smile:
Well case closed :wink:

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