Backup failed for remote host big site


I have started to migrate my server from Ispconfig to Hestiacp and i really like Hestiacp.

This morning i got the following error when i took a backup “not enough diskspace available to perform the backup”. I take the backup to a remote server only and i have 270 Gb free space on that server. I noticed that i have very little free space on my Hestiacp web server. So my question is if the backup is stored locally before transferred to the remote server?

This is a big nextcloud instance that is over 26 Gb. And with all other sites for that user it is bigger than the free space on the server.

Backups are saved for a sort period on the localhost before uploading to the remote location. There is currently an check that checks if there 2x the disk space on the local disk

Thank you for fast answer.

It seems like the problem is that i have too little free space on my local server then. So the only way to solve the problem is to add more free space? For me by upgrade my vps.


I solved the problem by scaling up the vps for my webserver.

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