Backup of a user, that has 0 backups in his plan


is there a smart way to do a backup of a user that has no backups in his plan ?

I thought about writing a manual backup script, but then the restore could be problematic.

Thanks guys

Hello @Mark,

Hestia doesn’t provide a way to backup a user that doesn’t have backups enabled.

I’ve modified v-backup-user script so you could create one backup for user that doesn’t have backups enabled.

If you want to take a look, the script is here: v-backup-user-without-backups - Opengist

The script is basically the same as v-backup-user but with some checks disabled.

To install it:

cd /usr/local/hestia/bin/
curl -sSL "" -o v-backup-user-without-backups
chmod +x v-backup-user-without-backups

Now just add the user you want to backup to the script:

v-backup-user-without-backups USER

If you want to see the diff between v-backup-user and my mod version:

cd /usr/local/hestia/bin/
diff -u v-backup-user v-backup-user-without-backups

Good luck,


Hey sahsanu,

you again. you helped me with the permission problem of the sieve duplicate check.

Your script will do the trick and i put it on my checklist to take a look after hestia updates.

No luck needed with that kind of detailed information and providing a perfect solution :slight_smile:


hello, i had just this problem, because i don’t want give users the power to start backups and load the system every time they want. so i just edited /usr/local/hestia/bin/v-backup-user and commented the ‘is_backup_enabled’ voice in ‘Verifications’ section. now i am able to make backups in cron or with the command v-backup-users without giving my users any backup in their packages. I think this solution is not definitive because with automatic updates I think this file will be rewritten. So, I ask to hestia authors if they want add a radio button in the backup configuration to exclude the verification. You know, people like to push buttons, and if you have a production server with many users is bad to give them the power to engulf the system simply pushing and queueing backups…

You can simple disable cronjob for sudo /usr/local/hestia/bin/v-update-sys-queue backup

And it won’t trigger the user created backups

Users won’t be able to trigger restore aswell…

yes but my goal is to reserve only to admin the backup management and my users must be unable to engulf system with arbitrary backup/restore tasks.

We should probably add an flag to disable / enable backups for users via the UI…

To bad I have 0 time…

Great! this should be very heplpful with those admins that want reserve to themselves the backup management!

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