Backup restore process halts if service fails

I moved some backups from vestacp. The restore process was halting because BIND service couldn’t be restarted. I had manually disabled it because I don’t need BIND in the server.

It drove me crazy for while trying to find out why databases were not being restored, just web files.

I had similar problems. I hve changed one line in one of the scripts and it has worked. You chan trace my thread here and find out which script needs to be changed. Until I found out, I had inserted the names of databases in the exclusion list within Hestia and that had worked too. The best was to move everything manually and configure each and every user through the new panel.

Hestia has tooooooo many changes and has become a terrific panel.

The developers here are too confident that restore from VestaCP backups will work. I do not agree with them as it did not work. Thus, manual configuration of each and every area, while this would be pain in the ass, is the best solution. Later you will find that this was absolutely necessary to go through these configuration files.

Once you do this, i.e. manual configuration, you will find that it was definately worth to change the panel.

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Please provide us with a back that fails. So we can improve the software even more and more… I think 1.5.0 update went great only a few minor issues… And we haven’t added a lot of new features in the last few months…

If you have disabled Bind9 disable also DNS_SYSTEM=‘bind9’ to DNS_SYSTEM=’’ from /usr/local/hestia/conf/hestia.conf so Hestia will not try to restart the service and fails…

Hello Markus,

In which message I have expressed that Hestia is bad?

I have no Vestacp backups anymore. Let other users provide it, when they have problems.

In my case, all attempts (before months) to restore accounts based on Vestacp backups had failed. I moved to Hestia by reconstructing user accounts and moving HTML + SQL manually.

It is not the question of a “failure” or a mere “restore”. Copying HTML and db is an easy thing. Important thing is, which other features Hestia offers for configuration. I found that there are lots of features, which are new. There are many changes one may want to undertake in user accounts. It is the best to reconstruct users by installing new accounts and recreating them.

Vesta backups MUST not always fail. When it does, the above is an alternative solution.

And that is what I did, or needed to do as the only choice left.

It was an mis translation on my side…

I suspected that you interpreted my complement “terrific” as “terrible”. I knew I had to laugh on it.

My dear young friend, the reason why I take the opportunity to discuss with you (even after SciT struck it) is because you are in an open source area. There may be others, who may be frustrated or come here with some negative inclinations.

Even then you should refrain from such expressions, like you did above out of misunderstanding.

We are living in a healthy democracy. Let someone express their negative opinion and you could neglect it instead of challenging it. You know the value of your work and we also know that your work is extremely valuable.

But you should take a negative opinion by others lightly in the future. Thats wisdom!

About that, please stay a bit longer with us - and you’ll understand, why we start to have a hard line and hard words…


I know precisely what you are talking about. This is not the first forum I interact. It was in 1998, I hosted a dedi with Level3. I have managed since then, a very busy forum as webmaster for many years next, hits about one million. Later, the owner sold it. The standard I followed was of course different than here.

But here, I find (only since a few months) harmless expressions based on frustrations by some users, which I can understand. Still, while it could hurt, they could be neglected. They could not appreciate the quality.

We know precisely what is the quality poured into Hestia, how much time it takes to do all this and how hard it is to solve sometimes tiniest problems. If I were to moderate, I would never ever enter into such an expression and say “Go to hell!”, in other words. If they do not like it, let them bark in a harmless manner.

They will be the ones, who are fools. Not we, as a community. We have the deepest respect and thankfulness to the continuous efforts by you, by Markus, as well as by many others here.