Backup won't restore if directory doesn't already exist

So this is strange, and I’m not sure how to title it yet.

Woke up this morning to find one email domain on my server wasn’t working - let’s call it for now. All other domains on the server seemed fine. Ok, I thought I’d restart Dovecot. Dovecot then fails to start. Ok, I though I’ll restart the server. Then when it comes back up both Dovecot and Ngnix have failed to start. Digging around the logs and the filesystem, it looks like that even though Hestia still lists the user, the files for that user have been deleted.

So then I try the backup, v-restore-user username and get the error:

chmod: cannot access ‘/home/username/web/’: No such file or directory

Is there a way I can get around this?



you can choose to not restore the domain in question.

I’d be a bit worried that domains had randomly been deleted, but to try to get your mail domain back … if you typed the command above, it would also need a filename to restore. Maybe you just forgot to add it to your post, but if not then …

cd /backup/ 
v-restore-user username 

If you don’t want to restore the WHOLE backup, just the mail domain, that’s also possible. The format is as follows: Usage: v-restore-user USER BACKUP [WEB] [DNS] [MAIL] [DB] [CRON] [UDIR] [NOTIFY]

So to restore a single mail domain, you’d use

v-restore-user username "no" "no" "" "no" "no" "no "no"

and of course you can restore single web domains in the same way.

If things still aren’t working then something very weird is happening on your server. Check the file permissions on /home/username perhaps??