BACKUPS failed create impossible

hi, sorry my english is bad, i need help :

  1. i had 1 backup failed, i try to create one more but hestiacp say “impossible to create because one run already !”
    i try to add 1 number backup more, but i must wait this night
  2. i would try find other community help french user for discuss and help friendly.
    I don’t find how contact admin here with simple message.

Thanks for your help guys

cat /usr/local/hestia/data/queue/backup.pipe

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thanks , i understand, i do this , i have run, i wait the creation arrive.

can i see and follow avanced run ? how can i know please ?


From Hestia CP Web UI you can click on button Créer une sauvegarde and in a few minutes you should get the backup:

Or from command line, as root:

v-backup-user HereYourUser

Thank you very much, i solved this problem with both solution !!!

ps : if un admin could send me a friendly partner french on forum ?

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I don’t know anyone on the forum who speaks french. I looked to see if there was a Hestia group in french on Telegram but I didn’t find any.

There are a few translators like out there that can help you to post here in english.

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