Bash ddns script with cron

Hello everyone.
I have a series of questions related to the same topic.
I have a bash script that updates my dynamic public IP of my Namecheap domain if my IP changes.
My intention is to upload this script to my hestiacp directory and then use cron to have that script run every minute. I don’t have experience with cron but it seems like it can do that.
Could this be the correct way to do what I’m proposing?
Where could I locate my bash script? I don’t want to break anything.
I tried to upload my script or create a folder to do that but Hestiacp won’t let me do it from the file manager even if I’m Admin.
Sorry if these questions seem simple but I am new to everything related to the web, servers and hestiacp.

Just use the /root/ directory and call it from there…

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With ssh?
As I said, File Manager doesn’t let me upload or create anything on the home page.